We all want an organized home. What does that mean?

  My skills and interests all spring from a singular passion -- to create with you an environment of space that is convenient, useful and beautiful!  

  At our first meeting, we look together at what is most challenging to your goal of "making space", while keeping what you love around you.

  I share my suggestions and first steps to take. We work at your own pace. For one hour we look, perhaps start to sort, but we talk it over.

  I am here to support you and help you navigate. Together, let's make choices: about placement, utility, and design. You gain feedback and support at each stage of the process from "chaos" to space and calm.

  Whether you are moving, have just moved, or need a "makeover",

  My goal is extraordinary results for your smallest project or your biggest challenge!

  Let's Begin!



  De-clutter before move


  Unpacking, placement, design

  De-clutter after moving in

  Assist families with aging parents or spouses

  Assist those with physical disabilities



  Kitchen Cabinets



  Storage Units 


  Big Transitions

  Little Annoyances